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Dancing Jaguar is Dancing for Joy With These Discounts! 

Sleepy Time Gift Pack $15.00

Buy Tranquil Tales, receive a lavender sachet for free!

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The Perfect Bedtime Remedy! 
Restless little ones will enjoy listening to Tranquil Tales as they inhale the soothing scent of lavender from this tiny pillow. This combination has been known to induce sleepiness in parents as well.

Random Acts of Kindness

As I move into the busy holiday season, I like to make a conscious effort to continue doing random acts of kindness despite how crazy my schedule gets. Sometimes, I like to leave little cue cards around the house to remind me to get out of my head and return to living from my heart. If you and your family need little reminders to help you focus on performing random acts of kindness, I have created a PDF you can download. 

Heartwarming Conversations with Young Clients

I have the pleasure of receiving telephone and Skype calls from my young clients when they are unable to visit me in person.

Last month I received a call from a ten-year old client whose first question was, "Eva, are we Spirit or are we Human?" I believe my mouth may have fallen open as my brain registered the depth of the question I was being asked by a child.

Healing the Water of our Planet

Throughout the summer, during the closing ceremony for each Spirit Camp, I had a wonderful opportunity to share a teaching about healing the water on our planet. I'd like to tell you about how deeply this touched me, and give you the background of how this teaching

Spirit Camp at Kripalu

I just returned from teaching Spirit Camp at Kripalu. It was an amazing experience filled with lots of learning, networking, and sharing. My assistant at the camp was Bodhi Simpson, my friend and product


It is always an honor and a privilege to witness children explore the human energy field and its relationship to who they are and how they function in the world.  I have been humbled by some of the comments made by children in the recent Spirit Camps.  Comments that validate for me that children have an awareness coming into this world that many adults don't even realize.

May Craziness

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mercury Retrograde, it is a period of time when Mercury appears to be traveling backward in the sky. During that time, problems with communication and contracts are not uncommon. During May, Mercury was retrograde and my life was turned upside down with Spirit Camp issues. 


I'm filled with gratitude and excitement as I see each and every camp filling up slowly but surely. It's such an honor to do this work with children, and it appears Spirit is supporting it 100%.  

Spirit Led Parenting Tele-Summit

Author Vicki Savini informed me of an event I'd like to share with you.  It is a FREE online tele-summit event called Spirit Led Parenting, and will be held from March 28th - April 17th.  There are 21 experts who will be interviewed on the intricacies of being a Spirit Led Parent.  

Spirit Camp Monmouth

On One Big Sustainable Island

In The Midst of Annabesacook Lake

August 8 - 12

This 14-acre island will be our home for Spirit Camp Monmouth August 8 - 12. We will meet at the mainland boat dock, located at 705 Route 135 at 9:30 am each day to be transported to the island, about a half mile from shore. 

Spirit Camp dates and locations announced!

I consider myself blessed to be entering 2016 with tremendous passion for the work I do with children and families. I am so grateful everyday that I have found my passion and am able to express it within the context of my work. Thank you for your continued support of my programs and products, both of which will be expanding this year. 

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