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The Confident Kid's Toolbox

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  • It’s filled with actual things they can hold in their hands and experience

  • New objects and activities every month

  • They get to learn as they play

  • Just receiving the box in the mail raises their energy and vibration

  • Opening the box is a treat and surprise…like opening a treasure box.

  • It’s something just for your child…theirs alone…but hopefully they’ll be excited to share what they see, and learn.

  • It’s filled with real objects and content…that will keep your child busy and active for hours.  Off screens and TV.

  • Each box contains stones, activity pages, astrology content, nature connection…specific to each month.

  • The boxes become a beautiful collection that your child will treasure, and can return to again and again.

  • It’s a magical gift that they will love receiving from YOU.

In every Confident Kid’s Toolbox:


  • An attribute/virtue + affirmation card. These are happy and healthy habits for us to understand and practice. We recommend putting your affirmation card in a place where you can see it every day. As you collect them, you can pick them randomly whenever you want to raise your vibration and feel better.

  • Gemstone - for centuries, people have used the powers of gemstones to help heal, strengthen, and protect. Each month’s gemstone has been carefully chosen to align with the attribute of the month.

  • Herb/Mustard Seed + Lunar Phase Ritual - each month a mustard seed and an herb, both gifts from Mother Earth, will be shared. Plant medicine has been used for centuries for its powerful benefits for our minds and bodies.

  • Astrology card + sticker - astrology can be a wonderful tool for helping us understand ourselves and others. Our astrology cards and stickers can be collected, added to a scrapbook, or shared with friends and family.

  • Nature Activity - instructions inside

  • Craft Activity - instructions inside

  • Other books, activities, and goodies!

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