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The Spirit Camp for Adults Retreat

Join us for an inspirational journey that will transform your life, the lives of your clients, and your business. 

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Module 1: Foundation And Preparation

  • Equip yourself with the core philosophy and the essentials needed to create the container for your clients' spiritual journey through Spirit Camp for Adults.

  • Introduction to the Directions and Elements: Harnessing Earth’s Energies

  • Making Sacred Tools: Crafting Items for Spiritual Enhancement

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Module 2: Energetic Teachings 

  • Introduction To The Chakras: Unraveling The Mystery Of Energy Centers

  • Discovering Pendulums: Tapping into Inner Wisdom For Spiritual Insights

  • Crystal Clarity: Decoding the healing attributes of Gemstones

  • Aromatherapy for Spiritual Well-being: Using Scent to Enhance Energy Work

  • Introduction to Auras - seeing, sensing, and understanding them

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Module 3: Igniting Your Client's Spiritual Intelligence

  • Introduction To Shamanic Journeying: Guiding Clients To Spiritual Realms

  • Discovering Power Animals: Connecting with Totemic Wisdom

  • Working With Spirit Helpers: Forging Alliances In the Shamanic Journey

  • Crafting the Totem: A Tribute to the Power Animal

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Module 4: Unleashing Inner Potential & Mindfulness Through Nature

  • Ignite Your Inner Phoenix: Personal Power Mastery

  • Muscle Testing: Discovering Inner Wisdom Using Kinesiology

  • Harnessing Nature's Shield: A Guide to Energy Protection

  • Soulful Oasis: Guided Journey of Personal Power Retrieval

  • Harnessing the Law of Attraction: Amplify Your Manifestation Mojo

Camp Fire

Module 5: From Teachings to Celebrations: Wrapping it Up and Celebrating

  • Soothing Stress Solutions: Mastering Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Grounding Techniques: Anchoring Yourself and Your Clients

  • Creating Sacred Space in Your Home: Extending Spiritual Practice into Personal Environments

  • Introduction to Fire and Water Ceremonies: Engaging Elemental Processes for Cleansing and Renewal

  • Establishing a Gratitude Practice: Fostering a Mindset of Appreciation and Positivity

  • Embracing Mindfulness in Daily Life: Cultivating Present Awareness For Spiritual Growth

  • Tree Spirit Encounter: Uniting with Nature's Wisdom

The Ferry Beach is a favorite location of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations.  We’ve hosted many programs there including Spirit Camp for Kids, Teacher Training Programs, and Spirit Camp for Adults.  An old building with a tremendous amount of character, the location is well loved by the community and frequently booked for gatherings, events, and performances. 

Located between a stream on one side of the building and a river on the other, there is plenty of water nearby. Access to a lake is located less than .25 miles from the building.  The building sits on a large lot in the midst of the village and provides beautiful trees for shade and for our nature modules.

In-Person Retreat

Ferry Beach

June 2025

9am - 4pm

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Your Program Facilitator

My name is Eva Goulette

I'm a creator at heart, first and foremost. As a three-time best-selling author on Amazon, I've blended the intricate worlds of metaphysics and wellness into the pages of books that have been embraced by readers far and wide. Every chapter was a step further in my journey, a journey I've shared with nearly a hundred Spirit Camp teachers I have personally trained across North America.


I've always believed that growth flourishes in spaces of safety and openness. This belief is at the heart of my work, where I curate experiences that allow for exploration and discovery of one's spiritual path. As a shamanic practitioner, I weave ancient wisdom with modern practices, offering a holistic approach that resonates with the curious souls I encounter.


My role is not just that of a teacher but also a fellow traveler, ever-evolving and learning from the world and the people I connect with.

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Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp for Adults Teacher Training Program

Vassalboro Grange Hall

353 Main Street, Vassalboro, ME

August 19 - August 24

9am - 4pm


"I found confidence because it’s already written, the pieces are all there and are very manageable".


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