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Virtual Children's Programs

NEW! Social Emotional Learning Programs

Program #1        Appropriate for Ages 5 – 8           $45

In this bundle of six classes, children will learn about affirmations, gratitude, identifying emotions, mindfulness, and breathwork.  Each class is 45 minutes long and includes a story, discussion, and project. Children will learn tools to help them self-regulate, practice positive self-talk, and start their own gratitude practice, which has been proven to have a positive impact on their overall happiness.

  1. Affirmations

  2. Breathing Techniques

  3. Identifying Emotions

  4. Moody Cow Meditates

  5. Gratitude Practice

  6. My Inner Bean

Program #2        Appropriate for Ages 6-12            $45

This series of six classes introduces children to the difference between sensations and feelings in their bodies, the voices behind their self-talk, ways to be a better friend to themselves, how mindfulness can become an important tool for them, and why practicing kindness is important to our overall health. In program #1, children learned to say a positive affirmation about who they are.  In this program, the affirmation module focuses on affirming what the child is capable of.

  1. Meeting the Inner Critic and Inner Champion

  2. I Can Do Hard Things – Mindful Affirmations

  3. Mindfulness (in nature – or inside - from Spirit Camp)

  4. Learning Self-Compassion

  5. Understanding Sensations and Feelings

  6. The Kindness Project

Program #3        Appropriate for Ages 6-12            $45

The focus for this bundle of six classes is connecting to our inner power, our inner place of stillness and quiet, and learning how to shift energy in our bodies from feeling chaotic to experiencing inner peace.  We also learn a tool to help up become a good listener, practicing tolerance while another person speaks. Each class is 45 minutes long and includes a story, discussion, and project.

  1. Finding the Quiet Place Within

  2. Find Your Roar!  A Personal Empowerment Class for Kids Part 1

  3. Find Your Roar!  A Personal Empowerment Class for Kids Part 2

  4. Find Your Happy

  5. Becoming a Good Listener (Talking Sticks)

  6. From Chaos to Calm

Programs based on Spirit Camp Teachings

Chakra Shenanigans!             $25

November 17 & 24   4-5:00 pm ET

This 2-class series will teach children about their chakras, energy centers in our bodies, in fun, interactive, and playful ways. Participants will learn to identify the chakras by color, placement, and how they affect our lives. Before class begins, you will receive an email with links to downloads and materials to bring to class. 

Chakra Challenge.jpg

Meet Your Power Animal!       $25

December 1 & 8         4-5:00 pm ET

Power animals are helping spirits that are present in our lives to assist, guide, nurture, and protect us. In this 2-part class, children will learn how to meet their power animal, how to deepen their connection with it, and how to utilize the relationship with their power animal to develop coping strategies to solve difficulties they may be faced with.

Find Your Roar!                                  $25

A Personal Empowerment Class for Kids             

December 3 & 10             4-5:00 pm ET

Bullying is an issue that touches almost every child's life at some point in time. Whether a child witnesses someone being bullied or is the victim of bullying, its effect on a child's life is felt on an emotional, energetic, and sometimes physical level. This workshop teaches children how to protect themselves energetically from the hurtful words and actions of others.  


Other Virtual Programs

Connecting Conscious Kids

A Weekly Recurring Class for Children Ages 6-12

Beginning October 2, 2020 

Fridays at 7:00 pm ET

With children facing so much uncertainty in their lives, our goal is to assist them to maintain a positive attitude regardless of what is happening around them. Many families continue to practice social distancing or remote learning and its effects on our children can range from anxiety to depression.  Connecting Conscious Kids classes is our way to provide support for children ages 6-12 by creating a safe space for them to share, connect with other like-minded peers, and continue to build life skills that will set them up for success. 


We will meet for 45 minutes each week, have a check-in, share something positive that's happened recently, state our intentions for creating positive outcomes in the upcoming week, and support anyone who is struggling. There will be a  self-help teaching in each call that will provide "food for thought" for the week ahead so children will continue to build on the tools they already have in their wisdom toolboxes.  No homework assignments. 


Please click on the Subscribe button below to register your child.  You will then be directed to Paypal for automatic payments to be made to Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, LLC each month. You may change your payment method or cancel this authorization at any time. The link to the Zoom call will be emailed to you a couple of days prior to the call and will remain the same each week thereafter.


“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” 

— John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States


We love having parents participate in classes with their children!  It's a great bonding experience and a wonderful way to learn how to bring holistic teachings into your family.

All classes are appropriate for children ages 6-12 and will take place on Zoom.  Prior to class, you will receive an email with a link to the call.

Refund Policy for Virtual Classes

For refunds requested more than five days before the program start date, a full refund will be provided. After that, a refund will be provided minus a $10 admin fee.  Once the program has started, no refund will be provided.

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