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Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Transitions...Oh, My!

If you are a parent or teacher, you know that anxiety, stress, and anger issues can be hard to handle. Those of us who care for children are always looking for new ways to help ease transitions and teach children how to self-regulate and feel better about themselves.

Introducing My Breathing Book

My Breathing Book is both a teacher's manual with photo illustrations and step-by-step instructions for 10 easy breathing techniques to use with children and...

My Breathing Book children's edition has the same step-by-step instructions but leaves space for children to draw their own illustrations.

Teacher's Edition

Flower and Candle Breath - for website.jpg

Children's Edition

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Affirmations Cards Collage.jpg
Kindness Cards Collage.png

Affirmation Cards PDF Download


Affirmation cards help children feel good about themselves, build self-confidence, and create more positive self-talk.

Enjoy sharing these forty-four affirmation cards with the children in your life.  

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Gratitude Cards Collage.png

Gratitude Cards PDF Download


Scientific evidence has proven that gratitude dramatically changes brain chemistry, leading to a peaceful mind and a healthy body. It can be a powerful life tool for children and adults.

Enjoy sharing these forty-four gratitude cards with the children in your life.  

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Kindness Cards PDF Download


Kindness has been shown to increase compassion, self-esteem, and empathy. People who practice kindness also tend to be healthier and live longer.

Enjoy sharing these forty-four kindness cards with the children in your life.  

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Grounding Collage for Website.jpg

Grounding Activity Book PDF Download


This 38-page pdf downloadable Grounding Activity Book will provide your child with hours of fun while they are learning about the importance of grounding and the various ways they can experience it.  Filled with word games, mazes, activity sheets, drawing prompts, and coloring pages, your child will learn while having fun.

Appropriate for ages 6-10.

For personal use only.

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Untitled design.jpg

Connections Activity Book PDF Download


The Connections Activity Book explores the different types of connections we experience, and how they manifest in our lives.  Children will learn about our connections to friends, family, nature, our emotions, Spirit, and more.  Whether this is for your child or your inner child, you will have run exploring the role connections plays in our lives.

Appropriate for ages 6-10. For personal use only.

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Sensitivity Activity Book Collage for Product Identification.jpg

Sensitivity Activity Book pdf download


Sensitive children are often times described as being

  • intuitive

  • perceptive

  • empathic

  • sensitive to pain

  • bothered by their clothing tags 

  • uncomfortable wearing tight-fitting clothing

  • tuned in to everyone and everything

  • more fearful and cautious in new situations

This activity book addresses sensitivity in a way that entertains and educates children.  The "clairs" are introduced - clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizant (clear knowing), and more!  Children will learn how they can discover their dominant sense and embrace the gifts they were born with as they learn tools to help them when they are feeling overwhelmed by the world around them.  32 page pdf download.  For personal use only.

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