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Teach Your Child How to Protect Themselves Energetically and Feel Safe In the World
Does your child:
  • feel different from other children?
  • like a lot of alone time?
  • have imaginary playmates?
  • have a hard time calming down?
  • become overwhelmed easily?
  • feel sensitive, both physically and emotionally?
  • feel compassionate towards all beings?
  • feel disconnected from the outside world?
If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions,
your child may benefit from some of the Spirit Camp material

All Children Are
a Gift to the World

Many are

  • wise beyond their years

  • sensitive

  • kind

  • aware

  • generous

child 19.jpg

Children Are the Future of the World

Children are naturally

  • heart-centered

  • sensitive

  • compassionate

Nurturing these qualities supports the children and the world around them. 

In This 4- Part Program You Will Learn How to
Support Your Child Utilizing Spirit Camp Tools and Techniques
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Module One
De-stress for the holidays!
Learn how to manage excitement, emotions, and expectations with grace and ease

Module Two
The importance of grounding
Tools and techniques to help your child find inner calm and peace 

Module Three
Shielding - what is it?
Simple, effective strategies to protect oneself energetically

Module Four
Managing inner self-talk with compassion and humor
Learn how to help your child meet their inner critic and inner champion and develop tools for more positive self-talk
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Course Information

Tuesday Evenings
7 - 8 pm ET

December 6
January 3
February 7
March 7



$199 for 4 classes

You Will Receive

PDF Downloads
Community support


We will explore ways for you to support your child to feel calm, centered, and not alone, including:

  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Providing ample alone time
  • Finding the quiet place within
  • Creating a calming corner
  • Grounding techniques
  • Shielding techniques
  • Decreasing the stress level in the home
  • Self-care strategies
  • Self-empowerment
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