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Classes for Adults
Dancing Jaguar Inspirations designs programs and products
that support and nurture the spirit of a child. 
Cosmic Curriculum for the Spirited Child

This workshop will provide parents and educators with an abundance of curriculum and new ideas to share with children. 
We will cover a range of topics, including modules on each of the four elements, a workshop dedicated to teaching the importance of grounding, the “clairs”, intuitive senses experienced by sensitive people, making wands, and much more!
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Supporting a Child’s Intuitive Growth - Online Class

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Discover simple and effective tools and techniques to help your kids connect to their inner wisdom and trust their intuition.  Increase their ability to make decisions that are in their highest good. This empowers them with the knowledge that answers can be found within themselves.  Gain information on how to nurture your child, even if they are sensitive or empathic. 

Appropriate for parents, educators, and caregivers of children. You will make a pair of dowsing rods during class, so please have the following items on hand:  two wire coat hangers, a pair of drinking straws (not metal), wire cutters, needle nose pliers, and a pendulum or a necklace, if you do not own a pendulum. 

Support your child with new-found confidence and
self-care techniques for protection and shielding.


Monday April 17th    

8 – 9:30 pm ET


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