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The Joy of Dowsing Rods: A Magical Discovery at Spirit Camp

Updated: Jan 9

Hey there! Imagine a world where kids' faces light up with excitement as they unravel the secrets of dowsing rods. At Spirit Camp, we've seen how these cool tools help kids connect with their inner wisdom and grasp the concept of personal space. Let's dive into the magical journey as we guide a young camper through the process.

Teaching the Art of Holding Dowsing Rods

The sun is shining, and excitement fills the air as I hand a pair of dowsing rods to a curious young camper. The first step is teaching them how to hold the rods gently but firmly, allowing them to move freely without imposing any force. As the child grasps the rods, you can see the anticipation building in their eyes.

Asking the Right Questions

With dowsing rods in hand, our young apprentice takes a deep breath and formulates their very first yes/no question. It's a pivotal moment, as they begin to understand that these seemingly mystical tools can help them find answers. The rods respond to their intentions, swinging gently or crossing over, revealing hidden insights from within.

The Joy of Receiving Answers

As the question escapes their lips, a sense of wonder fills the air. The dowsing rods respond, moving in a distinct pattern to provide an answer. The child's face lights up with amazement and joy as they realize that they have just tapped into a source of guidance beyond their wildest dreams. It's a magical moment that leaves an indelible mark on their spirit.

Exploring the Aura's Boundaries

But the magic doesn't stop there. Dowsing rods at Spirit Camp are versatile tools, and we use them to explore the concept of personal space and auras. With the rods in hand, I gently walk around the young camper, demonstrating how they can detect the boundaries of their energy field. It's an eye-opening experience as they witness the rods responding to the invisible energy surrounding them.

The Revelation of Boundless Personal Space

Finally, the moment arrives when the child realizes just how expansive their personal space truly is. Their eyes widen with astonishment as they witness the dowsing rods detecting the boundaries of their aura, extending far beyond their physical body. It's a revelation that leaves them in awe of the vastness of their own energy and the interconnectedness of all things.

At Spirit Camp, we cherish these moments of discovery, where dowsing rods become a bridge to inner wisdom and an instrument of amazement. The joy and wonder on kids' faces as they uncover these mysteries are a testament to the magic of learning and self-discovery.

A Spirit Camper discovering the magic of the dowsing rod

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Sep 29, 2023

Hi Eva,

What a wonderful article. As a Dowsing Mentor and teacher (living in Maine), I would love to share your article on my website and blog- and support people learning about Spirit Camp. Would that be ok? (I offered a home dowsing at your last auction) My email is Cheers to your magic, wisdom and love for our children. website:

Much appreciation,

Shelley Darling


Lisa Fontanella
Lisa Fontanella
Sep 12, 2023

What a wonderful article! The pure joy and wonderment on your camper's face truly warms my heart.

Eva Goulette
Eva Goulette
Sep 12, 2023
Replying to

I agree, it's priceless. I am so blessed to witness children having joyful moments like this on a daily basis during the Spirit Camp summer season. 💜

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