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Soul Mission: Leaders Ushering In The New Earth

Soul Mission: Leaders Ushering In The New Earth

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Being on a soul mission may be something we quickly identify with or it could be a new term to us. Simply put, it is the knowing and feeling that we are on this earth, at this time, for a purpose or mission, one of our soul. The contributors in this collaboration all know they are here on a soul mission, one ushering in a new earth. In this publication, they are sharing their darkest moments, their summits, along with the messy, beautiful lessons learned along the way. Be prepared to be inspired, brought to tears, laughter and to use this book as a resource full of tangible tools, mindset shifts and techniques to improve different facets of your life.  Eva Goulette, founder of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, is one of the contributing authors for this book.

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