Using Gemstones to Connect with Your Superpowers

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Using Gemstones to Connect with Your Superpowers

by Alex Hadassah Anzalone

Using Gemstones to Connect to Your Superpowers is an easy-to-read, beautifully illustrated guide to help you connect to the superpowers already inside you, but that may need a little help coming out.

Each of the eight gemstones (also known as crystals) is paired with a simple meditation and affirmation to connect you with superpowers such as relaxation, confidence, calm, and happiness. Activating your superpowers with brilliant gemstones can help to empower you to live your life with greater joy, peace, and confidence.

Using Gemstones to Connect to Your Superpowers includes:
•Eight gemstone meditations with affirmations
•Methods for clearing your crystals
•Inspiring illustrations to guide your meditations
•Bonus ways to use your crystals for support
•Journaling activities and where to buy your gemstones

*Gemstones not included. You can buy tumbled stones at your local crystal store to use with the book, or check out the resources page of my website to find stores that will ship them to you.

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