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Wisdom of the Heart Deck

Wisdom of the Heart Deck


This whimsical and easy to use deck will help you to learn how to connect to the wisdom of your heart. While working with these cards you will be able to deepen your daily self-love practice as you feel the message of each card in your heart and become gently aware of any resistance to the message. This deck was created so that it can be used for yourself, with your family, and if you are a professional, with clients of all ages!


Each card offers a simple message and sweet playful image that will assist you in bringing awareness from your busy mind into your body. Only when we are fully present in our bodies are we able to feel the truth and guidance of our own loving hearts.


We specifically designed and added 15 affirmations to this deck that children under the age of 10 can easily work with and understand. Our intention was to create a deck that could be used by people of all ages. The earlier that children are able to cultivate self-love, the happier they will be!  Also, we feel that many of us have an inner child that especially needs some extra love.


Meet the Creators

Bodhi Simpson, LCPC, ATR is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maine and a Registered Art Therapist. Bodhi enjoys assisting people in learning how to connect their hearts and minds. In her work, she incorporates creative expression, imagination, intuition, and metaphor.


Eva Goulette is the founder of Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp, a program filled with self-help tools designed to nurture the spirit of a child. Recently, she started a teaching training program so other adults can learn how to share this material with children. She has traveled with Spirit Camp around the country and is currently offering her curriculum in the Montessori education system. 


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