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The Spirit Camp for Kids Teacher Training Program

Join us for an inspirational journey that will transform your life, the lives of children, and our beautiful planet. 


Module 1: Foundation And Preparation

Equip yourself with the core philosophy and the essentials needed to create a spiritual haven for children.


Module 2: Energetic Teachings For Children

Discover transformative techniques that will enable you to unlock a child's awareness of energy and metaphysical principles.


Module 3: Igniting Children's Spiritual Intelligence

Through the process of a shamanic journey, guide children to identify and connect deeply with their animal spirit guide.


Module 4: Unleashing Inner Potential & Mindfulness Through Nature

Immerse yourself in our transformative curriculum, designed to unlock the untapped potential within our young learners and inspire them through the power of nature and mindfulness.


Module 5: From Teachings to Celebrations: Wrapping it Up and Celebrating

Journey from achievement to victory party, culminating in a joyous ceremonial gathering with loved ones.

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Module 6: Spiritual Entrepreneurship: From Passion to Profit

Uncover the business aspect of your spiritual teaching practice, including marketing, administration, and growth strategies.

The Vassalboro Grange is a favorite location of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations.  We’ve hosted many programs there including Spirit Camp for Kids, Teacher Training Programs, and Spirit Camp for Adults.  An old building with a tremendous amount of character, the location is well loved by the community and frequently booked for gatherings, events, and performances. 

Located between a stream on one side of the building and a river on the other, there is plenty of water nearby. Access to a lake is located less than .25 miles from the building.  The building sits on a large lot in the midst of the village and provides beautiful trees for shade and for our nature modules.

In-Person Teacher Training Program

Vassalboro Grange Hall

353 Main Street, Vassalboro, ME

July 29 - August 3

9am - 4pm

Your Program Facilitator

My name is Eva Goulette

I'm a creator at heart, first and foremost. As a three-time best-selling author on Amazon, I've blended the intricate worlds of metaphysics and children's wellness into the pages of books that have been embraced by readers far and wide. Every chapter was a step further in my journey, a journey I've shared with nearly a hundred Spirit Camp teachers I have personally trained across North America.

Reflecting on that ripple effect of teaching and learning, I've seen spirituality in action, fostering little souls who visit Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp and find a sanctuary to nurture their spirit. I've witnessed time and again, the transformative power of Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp. It's not just another class or a fleeting activity. It's where children discover the profound connection between body, mind, and spirit, and carry it with them into adulthood, empowering their every step.

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Vassalboro Grange Hall

353 Main Street
Vassalboro, ME

Here is a link to an Air BnB search for local accommodations the week of the event.  If you would like to share accommodations with another teacher training participant, please let Eva know and she’ll arrange an introduction.


Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp for Kids Teacher Training Program

Vassalboro Grange Hall

353 Main Street, Vassalboro, ME

July 29 - August 3

9am - 4pm


“I found the teacher training program to be a wonderful experience. Eva has a loving gentle energy. The program is thoughtfully organized and engaging. It was truly a healing experience for me."


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