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Spirit Camp for Adults Teacher Training Webinar

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free Spirit Camp for Adults Teacher Training Program Webinar

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Registration is open for a free webinar so you can learn how to become a Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp for Adults Certified Instructor.


Imagine teaching Spirit Camp for Adults to your clients.  The possibilities are endless, offer it in your office space, through Adult Education programs, in retreat centers, and more.

Eva Goulette, the founder of Spirit Camp, is holding a free informational webinar to tell you all about it: What you'll learn while training, what Spirit Camp for Adults is, what it takes to be a certified instructor, and how you'll be helping adults learn how to use the metaphysical tools you already know and love. 

The Webinar is free.

What you'll teach your clients is priceless.

Image by Sarah Brown


"To my surprise and delight, this program was much more comprehensive than anticipated.  It included great tools such as energy work, chakra cleansing, shamanic journeying, spirit animals, mindfulness, and so much more!"  ~Audrey McMorrow

I look forward to bringing people into my business with this program and creating a heart-centered community.  It makes so much sense to me, it's a done-for-you complete program.  It could be very lucrative and profitable for my business. I am excited and inspired. ~ Jenn Richeson

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