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Teacher Training Program

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The Spirit Camp for Adults Teacher Training certification program provides participants an opportunity to support their clients with a metaphysical program that is gaining popularity around the world.


Previous participants in Spirit Camp for Adults describe it as "a metaphysical smorgasbord." Your clients will be able to sample a myriad of concepts, techniques, and tools and discover for themselves what they feel drawn to for further exploration.  

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  • Are there tools that you use that you know could benefit your clients?

  • Would you like to help your clients support themselves with these tools and more?

  • Do your clients deal with self-esteem issues? Would you like to help them find their inner champion?

  • Would you love your clients to be able to have tools and processes that you know are excellent for them, but you don't know how to teach it?

  • Are you longing for a program that includes great tools such as energy work, chakra cleansing, shamanic journeying, spirit animals, mindfulness, and so much more?

What is included in
the training?

Your Experiences Include:


  • Beginner shamanic journeying techniques and training

  • Introduction to EFT (Tapping)

  • Practice teaching sessions with other trainees to gain confidence and experience

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Making dowsing rods and pendulums and learning how to use them

  • Creating a prototype of each of the craft projects

  • Participating in various ceremonies and rituals

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Your Toolkit Includes:

  • Complete Teacher's manual

  • Material on the ceremonies and rituals that are included in the curriculum

  • Practical information about how to offer and advertise classes, camps, and workshops in your community and beyond

  • Detailed lesson plans

  • Numerous done-for-you PDFs to distribute to your students

  • Access to many YouTube meditations

  • Lists of craft materials and supplies

  • Handouts and activity sheets

Module One: The Basics

  • ​Creating sacred space

  • Exploring the use of rituals

  • Invocation - calling in the spirits of the seven directions building community

  • Learn about and create sacred tools that will be used throughout the program, including:

  • spirit toolbox

  • rattles

  • sacred pouch

  • talking stick

  • dreamcatcher

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Module Two: Understanding Energy

You'll teach your clients how to:

  • understand the chakras and how they impact our wellbeing

  • make and use pendulums and dowsing rods to sense energy

  • clear energy

  • work with gemstones and crystals to unblock chakras

  • sense and see auras

Module Three: Shamanic Journeying

In this module you will:

  • be introduced to shamanic journeying

  • learn about spirit helpers

  • learn how to meet your power animal and honor it

  • discover how to deepen relationships with spirit helpers 

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Module Four: Diving Deep Into Our Authentic Selves

You will be able to teach your clients to:

  • meet their internal board of directors

  • reclaim their personal power

  • muscle test themselves

  • shield themselves

  • find their manifestation mojo

  • understand the power of affirmations 

Module Five: More Spirit Camp Tools 

and Techniques for Ongoing Self Care

You will be able to teach your clients:

  • eft (tapping) for anxiety

  • the importance of grounding

  • how to create sacred space at home

  • creating a gratitude practice

  • mindfulness

  • to create a mindful jar

  • mindfulness in nature

  • how to move energy up and out of their body

  • about despacho ceremonies

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"To my surprise and delight, this program was much more comprehensive than anticipated.  It included great tools such as energy work, chakra cleansing, shamanic journeying, spirit animals, mindfulness, and so much more!"  ~Audrey McMorrow

I look forward to bringing people into my business with this program and creating a heart-centered community.  It makes so much sense to me, it's a done-for-you complete program.  It could be very lucrative and profitable for my business. I am excited and inspired. ~ Jenn Richeson

Please join us for a free preview call to learn more about the
Spirit Camp for Adults Teacher Training Program
on Thursday, June 13th at 7 pm ET.   
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When is the Next 

Teacher Training?


October 7 & 8
November 4 & 5
December 2 & 3

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