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Yoga Roll

The exciting new game that gets kids moving!

A fun way to relax with friends, and practice yoga at the same time! Roll the dice, and then practice the pose on the top face of one die for however many seconds is on the top face of the other die. Take turns playing, and seeing how much fun you can have with yoga!


Yoga Roll is a wonderful teacher's gift!  It is a great alternative tool for the teacher to utilize when he/she needs to keep some children occupied and calm while working with others.

Place your order now!  

Yoga Roll is designed, sourced, and manufactured in the state of Maine.  At $16.95, it's an indestructible toy that will last your child forever! Order today!




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The creators of this game have taken every reasonable step to be certain that the activities described in these instructions are indeed safe. All of those associated with this product, including author, designer, contributors, and distributors disclaim any and all liability in connection with the product, both instructions and activities.

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