A Five-Day Metaphysical Program for Adults!

Did you ever learn how to shield yourself from negative energy when you were a child?  Me neither.  Most of us were well into our adulthood when we started exploring tools and techniques that would help us navigate life's challenges.  One of the things I've heard from a lot of adults in the past few years is that they wished they had the opportunity to learn some of these life skills when they were kids. And they'd like to learn them now.  Well, here's how!  Spirit Camp for Adults is where you will learn simple effective metaphysical techniques that will support you in living your best life.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Are you . . .

  • Wondering how to connect to your intuition?

  • Interested in metaphysical concepts and don't know where to begin?

  • Tired of spending money on programs that don't inspire you?

  • Wanting to reconnect to your authentic self?

  • Longing for social connections with like-minded people?

  • Looking for a community to belong to?

How would you like dedicated time to focus on YOU so that you can . . .

  • Quiet the noise from the outside world and re-find your connection to yourself

  • Get off the hamster wheel of doing and just focus on being

  • Find simple ways to take care of yourself that you can do every day

  • Be connected to a community of like-minded, heart-centered people

  • Feel better and lighter

  • Experience a smorgasbord of metaphysical tools and techniques to deepen your connection to self, spirit, and the natural world

Healing Stones

Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp for Adults will help you expand 
your metaphysical knowledge in a budget-friendly way!  

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Would you like to...

  • Know how to bypass your logical mind and access your inner wisdom to make decisions that are in your highest good?   

  • Learn how to use gemstones and crystals to unblock your energy centers? 

  • Discover how to move past the unconscious thoughts that are preventing you from moving forward in the direction of your dreams?

  • Have access to inner peace, especially when you're struggling?

  • Experience a dramatic shift in how you're doing life?

Yes to any of these questions? Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp for Adults is for you! 
It's a metaphysical buffet where you can experience & sample a wide variety of concepts in one program.

Crystal Ball

Module One

  • creating sacred space

  • exploring the use of rituals

  • invoking spiritual support and protection as a daily practice

  • building community

  • creating sacred tools that will be used throughout the program​, including:

    • spirit toolbox​

    • rattle

    • sacred pouch

    • talking stick

    • dreamcatcher

Module Two

  • understanding energy 

  • learn how to cleanse your energy 

  • introduction to chakras and how they impact your wellbeing

  • using pendulums to check chakras

  • working with gemstones and crystals to align your chakras

  • introduction to auras

  • seeing and sensing auras

  • making a pair of dowsing rods


Image by petr sidorov

Module Three

  • introduction to shamanic journeying

  • learning about spirit helpers

  • meeting your power animal

  • discovering how to deepen your relationship with your spirit helpers 

  • honoring your power animal 


Module Four

  • meet your internal board of directors

  • using mindful moments to help you find inner peace in 30 seconds

  • calming breathwork 

  • reclaiming your personal power

  • connecting with nature energetically

  • working with nature spirits 

Image by Benjamin Child

Module Five

  • guided meditations

  • eft to relieve anxiety (emotional freedom technique) 

  • law of attraction

  • finding your manifestation mojo

  • despacho ceremony

Tree Hugger

Are you ready to learn how to connect to your intuition, utilize simple tools and techniques to support you when facing challenges, and discover how to partner with spirit helpers as you navigate life? 

Virtual Spirit Camp for Adults

January 28

February 18

March 18

April 16

May 13

11 am - 4 pm


Split-pay available

Virtual Spirit Camp for Adults meets one Saturday per month for five months from the comfort of your home. Homework is a part of this program, but grades are not.

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More Information

Participants from the Continental US will receive a Spirit Camp materials box in the mail prior to the start of the program.  Free shipping is included in your registration fee.  


International students, please contact us for shipping information. Your mailing address is required during checkout.

Participants agree to their likenesses being recorded for future replays of the program.  

Refund policy:  Partial refund available if requested at least 7 days prior to the start of the program. No refunds will be given once the class has started.