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Here is an opportunity to grow your list, increase your visibility, and be seen as an expert.  You are invited to participate in this upcoming giveaway!

This giveaway is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to grow their email list and gain visibility as an expert in their field. It is focusing on Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Course Creators…and heart-centered business coaches who support them in their work.
And I think you are a perfect fit!   This is for you if:

You’re a spiritual entrepreneur

who helps clients:


  • Discover a deeper meaning of the world and life. 

  • Find their purpose and their passion. 

  • Help them find balance in their life. 

  • Uncover the root causes of patterns. 

  • Teach self-care. 

  • Manage their time and productivity.

  • Find their spiritual path.

  • Enhance their energy.

  • Expand their consciousness

  • Find their gifts.

You’re a heart-centered business coach who supports spiritual entrepreneurs to:

  • Learn how to host webinars to attract more potential clients. 

  • Launch courses or programs. 

  • Host 5-day challenges. 

  • Help them with their branding. 

  • Build funnels. 

  • Develop a money mindset to ensure that money blocks don't hold them back. 

  • Host a podcast or show.

Whichever one you are, this is a perfect event for you and you’re invited to be a part of this beautiful Spirit Rising Gift Giveaway….

To grow your list, increase your visibility as an expert, and get yourself and your gift in front of perfect potential clients who are interested in what you do and what you have to offer….clients you may not have met any other way.

These are a few ideas of gifts that audiences love to receive in giveaways:






✔️Event Tickets

✔️Tip Sheet










✔️Success Guide

✔️Cheat Sheet

✔️Course Module


✔️Resource List

… and more!!

Here’s what you can expect when you participate in our Spirit Rising Giveaway:

Grow Your Email List

New people on your email list

for your upcoming offers and promotions.

Daily Rotation of Gifts 

The list of gifts rotates daily,

so you will be featured at the

top of the list at least once.

Daily Promotion

There will be daily traffic

toward the giveaway.

I'm Eva Goulette, your host for this giveaway. I’m the owner and creator of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations. We create metaphysical programs and products for children and adults, including our flagship program, Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp.  


I’m both a spiritual entrepreneur and a business coach…and I’ve participated in giveaways in the past where the focus had been mostly on business, and I felt like a fish out of water. It was not a perfect fit.

So, I was inspired to create a perfect fit for spiritual entrepreneurs and those who help them with their businesses, (like business coaches, creatives, tech, etc). I'm hosting the Spirit Rising Giveaway.

And you are invited to join!


This is a great way to grow your email list and increase your visibility to potential new clients and JV partners.

Here are the details & the timeline:

Promo Window: June 1-14, 2023  


Your Promotion Commitment: 3 solo emails & 5 social media posts 


Upsells: During the giveaway, upsells to paid programs are not allowed. This also includes making an offer on the thank you page of your free gift or in your funnel. Emails related to the free gift they’ve opted in for and leading up to your launch AFTER the giveaway are ok.  


One-time Offers up to $97 are allowed during your opt-in process. If it leads to a discovery/strategy session, the session must be conducted AFTER the conclusion of the giveaway.  


Here’s how to register:


You have 3 buy-in options to choose from, and you’ll see them all below. 


ATTN: Your form must be submitted by Monday, May 15, 2023. If it is not submitted by this date, your giveaway offer will not be included in the giveaway.

(Note: Your spot is not secure until you have paid the contributor fee. After you’ve registered, you’ll receive a link to your contributor intake form. Complete the intake form as soon as you can.)

Some guidance for your Spirit Rising Giveaway Gift:

Your free gift can be a checklist, guide, template, training, script, or video series, something that is immediately accessible and delivered as soon as people opt-in. There must also be an unlimited number of free gifts available. 

Your opt-in page for your gift (that you create) must include the following: 

  • Title of your free gift.

  • Description of the free gift. 

  • A way for people to sign up to get the free gift. 

Your thank you page must include the following: 

  • A confirmation message for people who have opted in to receive your gift. 

  • Details on how to access the free gift. 

  • The links to your pages must be submitted by May 15, 2023.


Your commitment to promoting the giveaway


  • You are expected to promote the giveaway with at least 3 emails to your list and 5 social media posts. 

  • We will provide you with promotional email swipe copy, social media post copy, and graphics. 

  • We’ll also have a special hashtag for the giveaway that you should use on all your social media. It can be Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or a combo of all.  


  • The promotion window is June 1-14, 2023.  


  • All promotions must be done during this time.  

  • The best results happen when we all work together and everyone promotes the event! The success of the giveaway depends on it. This way, we grow and build together.  

  • Exposure to heart-centered, spiritual-minded potential clients that could be perfect for you and your business. 

  • Daily traffic to the giveaway. 

  • Daily rotation of gifts so no one is left on the bottom. 

  • Professional swipe copy and images. 

  • Participating in an event with potential JV partners.

Cosmic Contributor

What you receive:

Get more exposure and visibility for your gift!

(8 available spots)

  • Everything in option 1, PLUS

  • Featured Placement. All contributors are divided into groups that rotate throughout the event. "Celestial Superstars" remain in the top spot of their group throughout the entire giveaway.

  • Showcase Email - An email to all giveaway sign-ups directing them straight to your opt-in page for your free gift (and bypassing the giveaway gifts page.) 

  • “Lavish the Love” Email We’ll help lavish the love for your free gift by featuring it with the other top-tier contributors’ gifts in an email to all of the people who signed up for the giveaway after it ends. 

  • FB Live interview in the Dancing Jaguar Community Group 

Celestial Superstar

Maximum visibility and exposure for your gift!

(6 available spots)

  • Everything in options 1 and 2, PLUS

  • Premium Placement - Intergalactic Sponsors are placed on the thank you page of the giveaway, where everyone who signs up for the giveaway sees their gift FIRST. 

  • Brand visibility - Intergalactic sponsors have their logos placed at the bottom of the giveaway page. 

  • Early Access Expert - The public will have early access to your gift via a pre-event email campaign. This acts as a head start on getting opt-ins before everyone else! 

  • JV Introductions - We will introduce you to 1-2 contributors who would be potential collaboration partners. 

  • Additional Social Media Exposure – Appear in a Facebook Live interview in the Dancing Jaguar Community Group and YouTube channel (recording of the interview will be given to you for you to use wherever you’d like)

Intergalactic Sponsor



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