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A Magical Day: Teaching Kids about Energy and Compassion

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

I've got an incredible story to share with you about one special day at Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp when we celebrated Chakra Day, also known as Energy Day.

Chakra Day is a big deal for the kids at our camp. It's the day they learn that they're made up of energy, and they begin to figure out how to sense this energy, not only in themselves but also in other people and things like trees and animals. They also discover that they have little energy sensors in their palms, which we call palm chakras.

These palm chakras help them feel the energy around them and even connect with other living things.

Now, let me tell you about the remarkable day when a simple accident turned into a powerful lesson in compassion. We were having an outdoor play session, and one of the kids, one of my little campers, took a fall and ended up with a skinned knee. Usually, when this sort of thing happens, kids rush over to us teachers, asking for a band-aid or some help. But on this day, something surprising happened.

Instead of running to me, all the other campers dashed over to their friend who was sitting on the ground, tears in her eyes, holding her hurt knee. What they did next was absolutely astonishing. They put their little hands over her injured knee to send her some energy to make her feel better. It was a touching display of compassion and care.

What's even more amazing is that just a couple of hours earlier, these kids had no idea about energy or how to connect with it. They hadn't ever thought that their own energy could actually help heal their friend's skinned knee.

I stood back for a moment, letting them do their thing. Finally, I went closer to check on the hurt child. She told me something that amazed me even more. She said her knee didn't hurt anymore. It was as if the power of their caring intention had made her pain disappear.

This story reminds me that kids have an incredible capacity for compassion and empathy. Even when they're just starting to learn about something new, like energy, they can use it to do something truly wonderful—help a friend feel better.

So, you see, Chakra Day started as a day of learning but turned into a day of real-life magic—a reminder that even the simplest act of kindness and the power of intention can make a big difference, especially when it comes from the hearts of children.

child with skinned knee

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