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Children Discover The Magic of Using Gemstones to Clear Blocked Chakras at Spirit Camp

Updated: Jan 8

At Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp, we spend an entire day discussing energy, its effects on our bodies, and the impact our energy has on the world around us. Children are often surprised to learn we are made up of energy, as is everything around us.

Chakras (energy centers in our bodies) are introduced to children by utilizing child-friendly games, crafts, activities, and songs. In a few hours, children know the names of each of the chakras, the colors associated with them, and how each impacts their health and well-being.

Our body has seven chakras, located at various points along our spine, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Although the chakras function independently, a blocked chakra can negatively impact others.

One of the many exciting activities on “Energy Day” at Spirit Camp includes using a pendulum to check a partner’s chakras to see if they are blocked. Once children understand how to use their pendulum, Spirit Camp staff gives each camper a bag of chakra stones. The gemstones in the bag coordinate with each of the seven chakras.

The children are paired with a partner, and we demonstrate how to use their pendulum to test a partner’s chakra to see if it is blocked. This is a favorite exercise for children! As children hold their pendulum over a partner’s chakra, they ask the question, “Is this chakra open?” The pendulum will respond in such a way that it will provide a “yes” or “no” response. If the response is, “no”, children place the gemstone that corresponds to the chakra in the appropriate location on the body. The children are instructed to leave the gemstone where it is on the chakra and move along, checking the other chakras.

Once all the chakras have been checked using the pendulum, children are instructed to return to where they placed the gemstone on the blocked chakra. They remove the gemstone, then use the pendulum to ask the question again, “Is this chakra open?”. Children are amazed that the chakra tests “open”!

“This is like magic!” is the expression I hear repeatedly from children at Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp when they see how the gemstones impact the chakras. We explain that each of the stones is also made up of energy, and they vibrate at the same frequency as the chakra they are associated with. The energy of the gemstone helps move the blocked energy in the chakra, enabling the chakra to start moving again in a clockwise direction.

child using pendulum on throat chakra
Child using pendulum on throat chakra

Using gemstones to clear chakras is a simple and effective tool children can learn to support their health and well-being for the rest of their lives. A Spirit Camp mom arrived home after an exhausting day at work months after Spirit Camp ended. Her 5-year-old daughter approached her and asked, “Mom, would you like me to align your chakras before dinner? I think you would feel better.” The mom realized at that moment how important the teachings are at Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp. She recognized that her young daughter had become a partner in the holistic well-being of the family. She had the knowledge and tools to support other members of the family when they were facing challenges and needing support.

There is still room for your child in one of the Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camps being held around the country this summer. For more information, click here.

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