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Preserving Memories: The Story of Our Family Heirloom Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tradition

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US, many of us are finding ways to express gratitude for the many blessings we have.

Throughout my life, my mother had a Thanksgiving tradition that brings me joy whenever I think of it. She used a specific tablecloth every Thanksgiving and provided a Sharpie marker to each guest who arrived for Thanksgiving dinner.

Prior to the meal, each of us was invited to write what we were grateful for that year on the tablecloth, add our signature and the date, then we would cover it with clear plastic to protect it during the meal. While we ate dinner, we revisited the history of our family by reading the messages aloud.

We can trace marriages, divorces, new cars, graduations, new babies, and much more by reading the family Thanksgiving tablecloth. Over the course of my lifetime we filled a couple of Thanksgiving tablecloths, which are now family heirlooms.

My mom's Thanksgiving tradition brought decades of joy to my family. I hope you and your family are creating your own traditions that might be passed down for generations.

However you are spending Thanksgiving this year, I send you love and wish you and your family joy and peace.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table with Tablecloth
Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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