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Is It Meant to Be?: You Might Have to Wait and See

Is It Meant to Be?: You Might Have to Wait and See


A young girl learns a valuable lesson about disappointment, acceptance, silver linings, and unexpected opportunities.

Sometimes in life, children (and adults!) want something so badly that they can't let go of the idea that what they want is "meant to be."
This story, based on a real-life experience, follows a young girl named Macey through the process of losing something that she thought was meant for her. On the other side of disappointment and heartache, Macey learns that sometimes losing out on what we thought we wanted opens the door for something just as good or even better!

Is It Meant to Be? is based on a true story that happened to the author, Kristina, and her family. One night, at their ranch in Idaho, a dog showed up out of nowhere. The family all fell in love with him and felt that he had come to them for a reason. It seemed like he was meant to be their dog. The events that happened after that and the lessons they learned in the process inspired Kristina to write this book.

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