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The Wizard's Wish

The Wizard's Wish

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The Wizard's Wish

by Brad Yates

Have you ever wished there were a book that was not only fun for children (and adults) to read, but one that also taught them a simple and effective way to feel good - and good about themselves - even when they have been upset? Your wish is granted with "The Wizard's Wish - Or, How He Made the Yuckies Go Away - A Story About the Magic in You!" After a terrible storm, the people of a normally peaceful village find themselves feeling unusually yucky. They feel more angry, sad and scared - and find life more difficult - even in school and sports! But a kindly wizard discovers a wonderful secret that helps them feel even better than before - one they can use themselves - and so can you! Through a playfully illustrated story that will entertain children and adults alike, readers are introduced to EFT - a natural process for letting go of unwanted emotions. A fun story to read anytime, it will be particularly welcome at times when youngsters are feeling nervous, afraid, sad or angry. It is a great way to teach that the power to feel good is already inside us, and how to access it quickly.

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