Spirit Camp Teacher Training

Bringing Spiritual Tools to Light
for Children and Teens

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of children by helping them connect to their authentic selves, learn how to trust their intuition, and honor their truth? 


We live in a modern society that values mind and intellect.  Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp offers children tools using ancient practices and modern holistic techniques that value and nurture the heart and spirit.  Be at the forefront of leaders teaching future generations how to be peaceful warriors!


Upon completion of the Teacher Training program, you will be able to teach Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp curriculum at many venues, including schools, after-school programs, homeschool groups, community centers, and at yoga studios, spas, and wellness centers. The modules also provide a wealth of information for those interested in working individually with children as a coach or mentor.  You will also be listed on the Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp website page as a certified teacher.


What is included in the training?

Your Experiences Include:

  • Beginner shamanic journeying techniques and training

  • Introduction to EFT (Tapping)

  • Practice teaching sessions with other trainees to gain confidence and experience

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Making dowsing rods and pendulums and learning how to use them


Your Toolkit Includes:

  • Complete Teacher Training manual

  • Material on the ceremonies and rituals that are included in the curriculum

  • Practical information about how to offer and advertise classes, camps, and workshops in your community and beyond

  • Detailed lesson plans

  • Lists of craft materials and supplies

  • Handouts and activity sheets

What is the Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp curriculum? 

What is the cost of the Teacher Training program?

Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp Teacher Training tuition is $1497.00 US and includes a background check which we perform for the safety of the children.

The applicant must complete the applicant questionnaire and in-person interview with the director.  Admittance into the program is approved by the director. Those who are not admitted into the program will receive a full refund of their deposit.

Please join us for a free preview call to learn more about the Teacher Training Program on Sunday, November 7th from 7-8 pm ET.   

Register for the call at this link

  • Creating sacred space and sacred tools

  • Guided Visualizations

  • Chakras - introduction to, balancing, opening, and closing

  • Mindfulness

  • Dowsing Rods

  • Yoga Games

  • Auras

  • Affirmations

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Connecting to Nature

  • Power Animals and Spirit Helpers

  • Aromatherapy

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Gemstones

  • EFT (Tapping Technique)

  • The Law of Attraction

Choose "pay in full" or 3 installment payments of $525 each

When is the Next Virtual

Teacher Training program?

Saturdays and Sundays

11 am - 4 pm ET

January 8+9

February 5+6

March 5+6

Registration opens soon!

Future Virtual

Teacher Training programs

Saturdays and Sundays

11 am - 4 pm ET

April 9+10

May 7&8

June 4&5

Choose "pay in full" or 3 installment payments of $525 each

When is the Next In-Person

Teacher Training program?

Monday through Saturday

9 am - 4 pm ET

February 14-19

Worcester, MA

MA Teachers Eligible to receive PDPs 

Special Internship Opportunity

(Optional Add-On)

Spend the following week in an internship with Eva during an in-person Spirit Camp in Worcester. Participate in teaching, receive support and guidance, and witness first-hand the brilliance of how this program is constructed to support children in a completely new way.

Registration opens soon!

When are the Next In-Person

Teacher Training programs?


Portland, OR     July 

Dates and Location TBD

Portland, ME           August 1-6

Location TBD

Galway, Ireland   August 15-20

Location TBD


"The Spirit Camp curriculum is an amazing program, a great opportunity for children to become empowered to navigate feelings, changes, and manage inner dialogue in a positive way."

"This is such a unique program and Eva is gifted to be able to relate intricate topics in child-like ways. Eva is always accessible and really wants her students to succeed.  I am very excited to bring this work to children and watch it impact the world."

"Excellent course, very organized & easy to understand/implement. Eva is a lovely human being, & very quick to answer questions/resolve issues as they arise. Most of the information taught as part of this curriculum is absolutely crucial to a holistic education model. Children who are exposed to the tools & techniques taught here will have a great advantage as they grow into fully functioning adults capable of emotional self-regulation, self-confidence, & self-empowerment! 

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