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Confident Kid's Toolbox

Confident Kid's Toolbox


The Confident Kid's Toolbox is temporarily on hiatus.  Sign up here to join our waiting list to get notified when it is relaunching!



  • What's In The Box

    In every Confident Kid’s Toolbox you will find:

    • An attribute/virtue + affirmation card. These are happy and healthy habits for us to understand and practice. We recommend putting your affirmation card in a place where you can see it every day. As you collect them, you can pick them randomly whenever you want to raise your vibration and feel better.
    • Gemstone - for centuries, people have used the powers of gemstones to help heal, strengthen, and protect. Each month’s gemstone has been carefully chosen to align with the attribute of the month.
    • Herb/Mustard Seed + Lunar Phase Ritual - each month a mustard seed and an herb, both gifts from Mother Earth, will be shared. Plant medicine has been used for centuries for its powerful benefits for our minds and bodies.
    • Astrology card + sticker - astrology can be a wonderful tool for helping us understand ourselves and others. Our astrology cards and stickers can be collected, added to a scrapbook, or shared with friends and family.
    • Nature Activity - instructions inside
    • Craft Activity - instructions inside
    • Other books, activities, and goodies!



    The Confident Kid's Toolbox is the type of subscription box I was looking for. My son Zane is excited to do the outdoorsy adventures with the supplies provided. The kit also has education and self awareness. The stone and description cards are perfect for my sons collection. We are looking forward to next month's toolbox. ~Tammy

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