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Tranquil Tales by Eva Goulette

Tranquil Tales by Eva Goulette

Ideal for children ages 4-12, Tranquil Tales is designed to assist children in becoming relaxed, “grounded”, and aware of their physical bodies.  These four quiet time stories feature enchanting characters who guide children through a series of adventures that also serve as gentle grounding exercises: a focus on individual body parts; deep breathing and visualization; chakra work; and affirmations designed to increase self-esteem.

Customer Reviews:
Having worked with children for almost 20 years, we have utilized numerous tools for rest time to help the children wind down and rest their bodies. We have had the opportunity to use Tranquil Tales during naptime and it has been a huge success. The children have developed a new friend in Lucy and she is requested daily. Eva brings the children to a new space and it's interesting at how focused they become on her voice and the tale she tells. The children have been telling their parents about this CD and asking to have it at home. Good job Eva on this creative style of helping children to get grounded and allow their minds to focus on their body as a whole.

Tranquil Tales are AMAZING! I put on after I kiss my two children (7 and 4) goodnight, and within minutes they are asleep. Prior to Tranquil Tales, bedtime was extremely stressful, with lots of whining and excuses. TOTALLY RECOMMEND FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES!!!!!!
Bodhi Simpson

Beautifully narrated guided imagery. My son, 9 years old, has trouble settling his mind down at bedtime. He listens to this at bedtime and is able to sink back down into his body, relax and fall gently into sleep. Me too! I highly recommend this product!
Susan Jackson
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