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Creating Sacred Space in Your Home for Your Spiritual Practice

Our homes reflect who we are, including our connection to Spirit. In some cultures, even the simplest houses have a corner where members of the household can make their vows, pray, or meditate. In our society, very few homes have a designated space for solitude and connection to our inner world and our spiritual practices.

A sacred space may not appear on the blueprints of your home, but having a place where you can go to connect with your higher wisdom is as crucial as any other room in your home. Coco Chanel once said, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.”

Many people identify an emptiness inside, a void that they recognize and are unsure how to fill. Without a conscious awareness of the emptiness and the desire to fill it with something healthy, some might turn to mind altering substances or unhealthy behavior to rid themselves of the feeling, but it is not a cure for feeling.

Ceremonies and rituals can express the needs of the soul, which in turn can help fill the emptiness inside. When we feel connected to everything around us, we are healed from feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Our souls need nourishing every day, so creating a space in your home that is designated for your rituals can help you develop the practice into a daily habit. Your space can tailored to fit your style and needs, from a simple space with a meditation pillow, to a more elaborate sacred altar in a quiet area of your home.

One of the reasons to create an altar is that it provides a focus for one's efforts or heartfelt intentions. It provides a simple, physical reminder of what is important to you and what you are working toward. Altars can also be created to celebrate the cycles of the moon and the turning of the seasons. They can be created as tools to manifest situations or conditions in one's life. This Women's Altar was created to call in a soul sister tribe.

women in sacred circle on an altar celebrating soul sisters
Sacred Women's Altar to Manifest a Soul Sister Tribe

The Location of Your Altar

You may want to find a quiet space that is separate from high traffic areas in your home, such as a corner space or even a small closet. Your altar could be on a small table or platform, a shelf or tabletop.

Place protective boundaries around your altar and keep it clear and clean of debris and clutter. You want to maintain the area of your altar as sacred space.

When you create a sacred space to meditate or pray, an energy will build up in that location over time. When you enter that space, your mind will subconsciously recognize it as a place of relief, triggering feelings of peace and tranquility.

Suggestions to Place on an Altar

  • Incense, essential oils, sage, or whatever soothing scents that make you feel at peace.

  • Abalone shell or smudge pot

  • Matches or lighter

  • Items to represent the four elements

  • Crystals

  • Items from nature

  • Candles

  • Seasonal objects

  • Items to represent the intention for the altar

  • Items to represent the four directions

  • Photos of loved ones

  • Salt lamp

  • Plants or flowers

  • Spiritual deities

The important thing is that you feel connected to whatever you display in your sacred space. It will become a source of support and inspiration for you, and will change and evolve with you over time.

When We Heal Ourselves, We Heal the World

Creating sacred space in our homes and lives to create rituals and ceremony helps us remember that there is something greater than we are able to perceive.

In ceremony we realize the truth that there is no separation. Everything is us and we are everything. We experience transformation and healing.

And, when one of us heals, we all heal. When we heal ourselves, we are healing the world.


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