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Healing Journeys: A Starfish's Gift at Spirit Camp

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The Quest for a Power Animal:

At Spirit Camp, we guide children through shamanic journeys to discover their power animals. Our story begins with an eight-year-old girl who faced challenges in finding her spiritual companion. Sensing her struggle, I offered to embark on a journey on her behalf—an experience that would lead to an extraordinary revelation.

The Unusual Essence of a Starfish:

In the spirit realm, I encountered the essence of a starfish, a power animal I had never encountered before. Puzzled by this unexpected discovery, I sought to understand its significance. I was told that when a starfish loses one of its appendages, it will grow back, it has the power to heal itself. The message was profound: the starfish symbolized resilience and self-healing, particularly crucial for the emotional turmoil the young girl was navigating.

A Tearful Revelation:

Upon sharing with the young girl that her power animal was a starfish, an emotional outpour ensued. Tears of joy streamed down her face as she patted her cheeks in disbelief. The significance of the starfish resonated deeply within her, though the reasons remained unspoken.

A Father's Understanding:

Later, when the child was picked up by her father, the profound impact of this revelation became even more apparent. As I shared the story, he expressed a profound understanding. The child was grappling with her identity, feeling like a boy trapped in a girl's body. The revelation of the starfish served as a beacon of hope, offering solace and understanding.

Bringing Starfish Medicine Home:

The family, embracing the significance of the starfish, went above and beyond to support their child. Elements of the starfish found a place in her bedroom—a symbolic reminder of her innate ability to heal. The starfish became her source of strength and a guide as she embarked on her unique journey in this lifetime.

For more information about power animals, click here to read a blog written by Efrat Shokef, founder of Shamanic Energy Medicine. In her practice, she also supports children as they connect to their power animals.

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