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Spirit Camp

"This camp is just what Bella needs. She is a lot like her mother and worries quite a bit. Learning self-soothing techniques is probably one of the best things she can receive. She needs coping mechanisms on how to calm her mind. I find her sitting outside on our deck, writing in her nature journal and she seems calm. Bella uses her talking stick when she and her sister are having a disagreement. As a child, I never learned how to calm my anxieties in a healthy way. Bella has been going to spirit camp for a short time and is already grasping some useful strategies to calm her mind. I am so glad I found Eva and what she has to teach. I hope to enroll my youngest daughter someday too."

Stephanie Pinette

Having worked with young children and their families for over 30 years, I've seen over time how difficult the lives of some of them can be.  Poverty, addiction, increased violence in our community / world can highly impact their sense of safety and stability.  I'm grateful that my granddaughter has the opportunity to participate in Eva's Spirit Camp and learn lifelong skills and strategies to cope with those challenges she may encounter.

Janelle Gath


"Eva’s mission with bringing spirit camp to the younger generation is inspiring! Her passion to teach, reach, and build up our children is a breath of fresh air.  The movement has started and she is a warrior! My daughter absolutely LOVED camp and all the activities that were planned.  Each day was jam packed with exciting games, crafts, stories, and explorations! I found myself hanging around for periods of time to be a part of all the fun! At the end of the week, not only was I emailed resources BUT I purchased books and tools to further my family’s learning! Thank you Eva, can’t wait for next summer!"

Caitlin Maddan

"We feel so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!  You are an inspiration and valuable resource, not just to us, but to all the children and families that you impact through your work.  We are so grateful for the Dancing Jaguar's Inspiration!"

The Wade Family

"My daughter cannot wait to journey again to meet her power animal.  She wonders if she will find the bobcat and bee again, or if she'll uncover a new one or two! She said the imagery of the bobcat really helped her in her new school this past year whenever she needed to access her courage and strength.  Her other favorite was chakra work.  After camp last summer she wanted to check my chakras to see if they were balanced quite often, though the practice faded over the year.  She's looking forward to practicing again, and so am I!  You are really teaching these little healers new and practical skills and she's so looking forward to practicing these skills again! We are so grateful for your work with the children, Eva, and cannot wait to see you again this summer!"

Colleen in MA

"When I discovered Eva's Spirit Camp, I was searching for a place where my son could experience connection and spirituality. My son was asking lots of questions about life and the world, and I wasn't sure how to answer them as I am just discovering the answers for myself. My son learned so much with Eva at Spirit Camp - things that I have only learned and experienced in my adult life. He learned to slow down and truly connect with others and with nature. He felt so empowered from the skills that he learned, and I watched his self-esteem and confidence grow with each day. He is a very active child and he learned how to calm himself through breathing and guided visualizations, and more importantly he learned how his energy flows! He was also very proud of the things that he made at Spirit Camp, each creation had special meaning and now has a special place in his room. Each night after camp he would teach me about the things he learned. Eva is truly gifted with children. She meets the children where they are at and provides a safe nurturing place for children to learn and grow. I am so thankful that Eva has created a space for children to learn these important lessons. Had I learned them as a child, they would've had an extremely positive impact on my life and my choices. Thank you Eva!!"

Bodhi Simpson 


"This was the best camp ever!  My family is new to the spiritual world of  power animals,chakras, stones and aroma therapy, and when I would pick my daughter up after camp she couldn't wait to tell me how everything worked.  The kids were all kind and fun; she had a great time. The crafts were great, and usually she is self-conscious about her artistic abilities, now at home she is pulling out the art supplies instead of begging for the computer. We drove 3 hrs each day to go to camp and it was well worth it.  She can't wait for the fall classes."
Mal  Mom to Christy 17

"Spirit Camp gave my child a key to start unlocking the mystery of who she is." Spirit Camp parent

"The tools my son learned at Spirit Camp will stay with him. He talks about his chakras, about colors and stones, about how to transform heavy emotions, about his power animal! This is terrific stuff. The world will be transformed by a generation of children using and applying these types of teachings. I can't thank you enough!" Spirit Camp parent

"Spirit Camp has provided our child with the tools and ability to dig deep within herself and find the confidence to persist during emotional and physical challenges. These are valuable tools that we should all have the opportunity to cultivate within ourselves! Hearing our 5 year old say, "I GOT THIS!" as a result of channeling her inner champion is a beautiful thing!"   Erika Verrier

"My eight year old son has had an amazing experience since attending Spirit Camp. The value of being present in the moment in an age where things are fast and furious and technology captivates is critical. Eva's ability to nurture and teach these children skills to slow down, learn about nature, and access their creativity is priceless. She has a real gift for working with children. Connor has learned so much from this experience that will positively impact his interactions with others, nature, and processing and dealing with his own emotions. We have seen him blossom. Eva's teachings are an asset for any young person with the opportunity to attend!" -Jen Wade

"I didn't know what to expect when I signed my three teenagers up for this unique summer camp up but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for them to take part in such an interesting and refreshing camp curriculum. What we got was a wealth of knowledge and a week full of truly interesting and wonderful adventures, connecting to Nature and to Spirit.
My girls learned to using dousing rods, they learned about essential oils and how to call in the four directions and much, much more. They came home full of stories and new knowledge, eager to tell me all about the new adventure they had experienced that day. And at the end of the week, they were in a new and different space with more awareness and consciousness as they went through their days. Now, my youngest will come up and ask if I'd like her to check my chakras and have them cleansed- something that would not have happened before Spirit Camp. When our cat died, the three of them performed a ceremony and drummed- another new and wondrous skill they acquired. This consciousness and eagerness are only a few of the many gifts given to the campers at Spirit Camp. Thank you so much!"

Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

"This camp experience will help to shape my daughter's whole future.  Her knowledge that she is connected to the universe around her will give her so many places to look for strength and support throughout her life.  I will definitely be sending her again!"

Bronwen Pierson

"It is THE camp I wish was available when I was a kid.  Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, Eva Goulette, is the founder and educator.  I can’t say enough amazing things about it! Clara’s been 3 yrs and Vivian went for the first time this year.  They learn chakras, breathing exercises, find their animal spirit guides, and using skills for comfort and protection. It’s absolutely amazing!!"

Marylena Chaisson

"I would recommend Spirit camp as it teaches you to how to be a better person.  It gives you the knowledge and tools to be able to deal with emotions and it teaches you how to go inside of yourself to find answers and how to check your chakras to see if they are open or closed. It also teaches you how to deal with situations that come up that bring up anger, frustration, etc. And the best part is you can meet your power animal and do shamanic journeying. I love this camp and I hope everybody in the world gets to go."

A Spirit Camper

"I highly recommend Spirit Camp. Eva is very gifted in being able to teach young children the value of connecting inwards and looking for guidance inwards. We are bombarded with so much external stimulation, especially our younger generation. The tools learned at Spirit Camp is beyond valuable. My 5-year-old declared that he wants to be in Spirit Camp all year round. That summarizes it all."

Padma Ali

"What a beautiful opportunity for my son to learn about his essence, and learn about all the mindful ways he can attend to and nurture that essence with focused calm attention".

Spirit Camp parent

"This year was hard on my daughter, Zora, when she found out that our drinking water is contaminated with forever chemicals and that we would have to leave the only home she has ever known and the land that she helped us tend with loving care.

This bad news just happened to coincide with Eva offering Spirit Camp via Zoom. Twice a week, Zora and I (as her parent) were initiated into all sorts of wonderful paths to connecting to spirit that guided us through the grief and loss to meaning and healing. The process is still unfolding, but thanks to Eva’s ongoing care and guidance we know how to be guided and nurtured.

After Spirit Camp, Zora went right into another class offered by Eva, The Elements, Mother Earth, and You! This deep dive into the elements, especially water continue our healing and our care for all the waters of the earth, not just our contaminated water here. We are full of gratitude for Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, the larger community that gathers for such wonderful ceremonies as the season changes and the full moon, and especially Eva who orchestrates it all. We are grateful that she shares the gifts she has received and the gift that she is to the world."  - Nick

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers and Caregivers

By far the BEST workshop I have attended in the last fifteen years.  Many interesting and helpful techniques to use in the classroom. Never had so many take-home items and handouts.  Exciting and interesting topics!  Love your presentation!  - Jeanne Bouffard


Absolutely FABULOUS!  I was hanging on every word. I learned so much about self-regulation and tools for a child's (and my) toolbox. I cannot wait to receive Eva's emails and learn more.  Thank you so much for this opportunity!  So engaging! - Anonymous


EXCELLENT workshop!  I love that it was so focused on practical ideas!  I took home some great activities to share with my fellow teachers.  Thank you!   - Anonymous


You were very easy to listen to and stay engaged with throughout the entire class.  Definitely received some tips and exercises that can be used in classroom management and creating a soothing tone within the classroom.

Spirit Camp for Adults Workshops

Manifesting Workshop Testimonials


"Eva understands her work deeply and intimately, and knows how to pull positive creativity from anyone, even if you're not feeling creative."


"Eva's vision board workshop is a great way to get in touch with what matters and begin to bring it into your life."


"It was a wonderful way to start the New Year! Eva's enthusiasm and expertise on the subject was outstanding. Making the vision board has increased my awareness of where I am in life and given me clarity, as well as confidence on what is in my future! Thanks Eva for that gift!"

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