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Eva Goulette, Founder and Spirit Camp Leader


I knew from a very young age that I was creative, artistic and loved to express myself in non-speaking modalities. Dance became my main outlet for my creativity, and for my ability to communicate without using words.


In my twenties, I was completely immersed in running a ballet studio in New York state.  I felt confident in my abilities, but started realizing I was hiding behind a mask.  The confidence I exhibited to the rest of the world was hiding the insecurity and self-doubt I lived with everyday.  I embarked on a journey of self discovery that has carried me through the next few decades of my life and has brought me to learn more about myself than I ever thought possible.  This journey is a never ending one and I am thrilled to know there is no ‘destination’.


A month before my 40th birthday, the vehicle I was driving was struck head-on on Pacific Coast Highway in Southern CA.  The accident turned out to be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.  My life was changed forever, and I am so grateful for the way my path changed on that fateful day.


I spent years recovering from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and had no choice but to live in the moment each day.  I had very few memories of the past and I didn’t have the ability to project into the future.  I was a bit child-like in that respect.  I can’t think of anyone better at living in the moment than a child!  I had always loved being in the presence of children, admiring their spontaneity, curiosity, openness, etc. Although I didn’t realize it for a number of years, I was living my life post-accident just as a child does. Over time, I began to feel like a child magnet.  I believe they were able to sense my ability to be in the moment with them.


Gradually, with their parent’s permission, I started teaching children things I had been learning since I embarked on my journey of self exploration nearly twenty years earlier.  I began taking classes to become a shamanic practitioner.  It was very hard at first, because I kept falling asleep in class.  The amount of information I was learning was overwhelming my brain. In time, I began to realize that I was staying awake longer, remembering more, etc.  After my first year, I realized that my brain was starting to heal as a result of the shamanic journeying I was doing.


I became a shamanic practitioner after three years of study and am thrilled to be focusing my attention on working with children.  I began offering Spirit Camps and Spirit Classes, which are well loved by children. We explore energy, chakras, auras, nature spirits, guided visualizations, shamanic journeying, the law of attraction, attitude of gratitude and many other spirituality based subjects.  I also work with children one-on-one for healing.  It is always my goal to empower the child, to offer “tools” they may use in their daily lives that will assist them in dealing with anxiety, restlessness, difficulties with situations they may be faced with and feeling safe.


I consider it an honor and a blessing  to be able to work with these new souls on our planet. They have come into this world with such sensitivity! I feel it is my duty to assist them on their way to fulfilling their soul’s purpose while here. I learn from every child I work with.  I am their teacher, and they are mine.

I have found my life’s purpose and love every minute of the work I do.

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