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Spirit Camp for Adults Classes

Power Animals and Spirit Helpers

Please join us for this workshop to discover the magic and mystery of working with power animals and spirit helpers! Learn why it's empowering and healing to learn the identity of your power animal and how to build a relationship with it. This class provides a wonderful way to nurture yourself and learn how to sustain yourself with ongoing support through life's challenges. If your child has ever attended Spirit Camp, or if you are considering sending your child to Spirit Camp in the future, this is a wonderful workshop for you!

New Dates and Locations Coming Soon!

Exploring our Energy Centers Within and Without
Chakras and Auras!
Chakra-Images_167590_image (1).jpg

We can use the analogy of plumbing to understand how to work with the energy in our bodies. In our homes, we know that water is in the pipes, but in order to access it we must turn the faucets on and off. To access the energy in our bodies, we must learn to turn our energy faucets (our chakras) on and off. 

Chakras are energy centers located at seven locations within the body and help to regulate everything from organ functions to the immune system and emotions. This workshop will explore the important roles the chakras play in our lives and how we can keep them healthy.

An aura is an oval energy field surrounding all living things. Enjoy learning about auras and what their colors may signify. Learn how to visualize, wear, and surround yourself with colors that will support your mind, body, and spirit.

This workshop has many elements to it - serious, playful, creative, and very experiential!  Please join us as we explore our energy systems.

New Dates and Locations Coming Soon!

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